Friday, August 15, 2014


People break up all the time. And it's hard. Really hard.
Some find someone else to move one with right away, so that makes it easier
(I suppose)
But, what about those of us who need time to heal before jumping into another relationship? How do you do that?
Here are a few things that I've been doing that seem to help a bit:

1- Stay as busy as possible.
I have been saying "yes" to every single possible thing that I have been offered to do. I have: gone on a hike (I HATE hiking), gone to countless happy hours, tasted beers at the Portland International Beerfest, floated the Clackamas and Sandy river, tanned on Sauvie's Island, gone out dancing...etc.

 2- Create a playlist of songs that make you feel better. Here is what is on mine:
(I don't normally have such weird taste in music... or apparently I do!) 

3- Surround yourself with friends that support you.
You absolutely need to have friends that can see you for the way that you are- not the way that you are telling yourself that you are. I was having a touch day (texting people and saying things I shouldn't a la crazy ex-girlfriend). My co-worker was so kind to me. She gave me a rose quartz stone that her friend had given her when she and her boyfriend broke up. It's supposed to give you healing energy in the romance department as well as help you put out energy to find someone else. It was so kind. I cried.

4- Exercise 
Not only does exercise give you those endorphins- but you'll be getting a super hot bod to make your ex jealous. Brilliant, right? I think yes.

 5- Let it all out. 
As much as you don't want to cry about it anymore. Let yourself. Or else you will be sitting at your desk at work, crying. It's embarrassing. Get it out while your home alone, driving in your car, wherever. Don't hold it in. You can't heal and move on if you don't let yourself grieve. It's ok. Slowly start to do things (one little thing at a time) and you will start to move on with your life. You will find someone else.

These are the things that I have been doing to try and help myself get through this tough moment in my life. I have some family and friends coming up to visit in a few weeks so I have something else to look forward to.  What are some ways that you get over a breakup?

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