Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I've turned into one of "those" people. You hear people talking, and you're just like huh? what's all the hype about ya weirdo?
Well, I have to say it has happened to me.
I like Doctor Who.
There. I said it.
What? You can't read that?
I like Doctor Who.
Ok, Fine.
I like Doctor Who.  I like Doctor Who and I don't care who knows it!
I'll tell you though that it didn't happen over night.  I watched the first season (against my will), and then it just evolved.  This show is bloody brilliant (read that with an English accent will you?).
And now, I want all the things Doctor Who in my life.
Here is my Doctor Who wish list:

1- This coffee mug
Dr Who Dalek Cup - "Caffeinate" 

2- This t-shirt

3- This artwork
The Original TARDIS Doctor Who Geek Print on Unframed Upcycled Bookpage 
Give me all the things!
Anyone else out there nerding out to Doctor Who?  The new season starts this week! 

Vodka and Soda


  1. Replies
    1. yay! So happy to know I am not alone!

  2. Yeaaaaaahhhh Doctor Who!! The little adipose shirt is so cute! I got a squishy stress-ball like adipose for Christmas one year, he's adorable.

    1. oh no! Now I NEED that adipose stress ball! haha!

  3. I don't get all this Doctor Who hype. He time travels?? I just don't get it. Netflix? Maybe I'll try an episode.

    1. Yea I totally didn't understand all the hype have to get through the first season though to really start enjoying it (at least for me). But, it gets so intense and circular if that makes any sense. Maybe try it out when Winter hits and there's nothing to do! haha!

  4. hmmm maybe i'll add this to my roster of shows to watch. i just inhaled Dracula and then i find out that NBC cancelled it BOO!

    thanks for linking up
    Vodka and Soda