Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Winter is coming.  That's a fact.
Don't try to tell me that Winter is still many weeks away.
Don't try to tell me that there are still sunny days to enjoy.
Winter is coming.  Winter. Is. Coming.

The view from my apartment window before it really dumped snow!
Growing up in Southern California- where it basically never rains, and when it does you can still wear flip flops... Winter in the Pacific Northwest is absolutely brutal.

Confession:  I didn't own a jacket with a hood until I moved up here last year.

From the first snow dusting last year.  It was a winter wonderland!
Is it too early to prepare for Winter?
I am going to say no.
Just yesterday I purchased from a pair of boots and some Vitamin D pills.
Next on my "to buy" list is a SAD lamp. And a dog.
The dog may need to wait longer than the lamp.

The water fountain in the atrium of my apartment complex- frozen over from coldness!
Who else is preparing for winter right now? Tell me I'm not alone! I'm scared. 
Vodka and Soda


  1. I cant even think about fall, yet alone winter with temperatures here around 100 degrees with 94389435% humidity. Such is the life in the deep south!

    1. oh, I know right! I wouldn't be able to either!!

  2. I hate winter too. Fall is my favorite but yes, I am 100% scared of winter. I slipped and fell on the ice last year a couple of times and got stuck in my vehicle like three times. Not cool.


    1. Yea, Fall is lovely- but yikes! I hope that doesn't happen to you again this winter!

  3. Please tell me "Winter is Coming" is a GOT reference? But yes, I hate winter too. Dang Idaho and your snowy, bitter-cold dry winters! We get inversions here too where the clouds TRAP IN all the cold and nasty stuff in the air. One winter we had 21 days straight of under 20 degrees. Brrrrrrrrr.

    1. of course it is! I am OBSSESSED with GOT! OK- you're Winters sound a lot more terrible than the ones here in the Pacific NW! You make me feel better!

  4. YEAYYY WORDS!! So happy to read your blog again!!! I need to buy one of those electric kettles so I can make cups of tea. I am excited for a fall and an actual winter!! Plus I want to buy some cute rain boots this year.

    1. Oh you make me want an electric kettle now too! I need to find a delicious tea....