Thursday, August 21, 2014


Relationships are great.  You get to share things.  Discover things that the other person likes and you get to incorporate it into your life.  The person cooks for you which is awesome if you're a terrible cook like I am.
But, what happens when you break up?
All of the things that are mutually shared now need to be divided.

"I'm going to take some food out of the fridge", he said. 
"I'm going to bring some of the groceries over to my new place", he said.

It's been 2 weeks, and I am still discovering things he took from the fridge and cupboard.
Oh, I want to saute up some spinach- nope can't do that because he took all of the oil.
Many times I have slammed the fridge.  Cursed the heavens.   MothaF*****!

Oh, I want to dip my single serving size frozen pizza in some ranch?  Can't do that because he even took the tablespoon of ranch that was left in the bottle.
*I shake my fist*
Which is actually really funny since he couldn't seem to throw out anything.  I never understood that.  You finish something and.... put it back in the fridge?  It's the same distance to the trashcan!

So, who decides who gets custody of the condiments?
I suppose he did in this situation.
He was nice enough to leave me 2 half eaten boxes of taquitos (guess who ate the other half?  I'll give you a hint that it wasn't me!) and some freezer burned chicken.  What a sweetie.


  1. Break ups are hard and especially when you go to get something you counted on having. My bf & I have lived together about 4 yrs and he never tells me when we run out of stuff so when I need it to cook and it's not there, I'm just left hanging! I have adjusted and pay attention now that I know that he does that.

    1. haha! I'd just be like- can't you put it on the list? I wonder if your bf ever goes back to the fridge looking for something and its not there...that'd be some good karma haha!