Sunday, June 1, 2014

One year.

It's amazing what can happen in a year.
 Exactly one year ago today, I packed up my little 10 year old Ford Focus, and moved to Vancouver, WA from Los Angeles, CA.
 I thought the job offer I got would be my foot in the door to the publishing industry. 
I got a part time job at a little cafe on Mississippi Avenue in Portland, OR to supplement my income while putting in time as the underling until I would eventually move up. 
Well, that cafe job was the worst, and I had to quit. 
Which meant that I had to find a new job in order to keep living up here. 
And, I did. Less than a month later. 
I had to quit the publishing house, and start a job in a new field that is always changing.
I moved out of my terrible living situation (gotta love craigslist roommates, right?) and into an absolutely lovely studio apartment in Portland. 
I am able to walk to work every single day- and I love it. 
Did I mention that I've lost nearly 30 pounds in this past year? yikes!
I'll have to post a transformation photo or something!
Only 10 more to go!
 I just signed a years lease at this little apartment o' mine- so what are my goals for this next year? 
Well, definitely lose those last 10 pounds! 
Become secure in work. 
Cultivate the friendships that I have made up here so far. 
Find new friends to hang with! 
Explore the city and surrounding areas more! 
write and write and write 
Yes- I do think that this year is going to be great. 
...and taking more photos. 
Yes, more photos are needed!

I can't tell you how happy I am that Summer is almost here!  Listen to this- it makes me happy.

 P.S. My dad says a surprise is coming for me in the mail tomorrow! I wonder what it will be!

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