Thursday, July 11, 2013

Allow me to reintroduce myself.

 You may recognize me from my other blog.
But, I feel like that blog has run its course. Many times over.
I recently moved from Southern California up to Vancouver, Washington.
I feel like I am starting over, and therefore I am starting fresh with a new blog.
Portland Saturday Market
I moved up here rather suddenly.
When I got laid off from my job back in April, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to look into relocating.
Craigslist of all places is where I found a job opportunity of a lifetime.
I landed a job at a publishing house.
Sure, I'm doing customer service for them right now- but I am hoping that this will be my foot in the door to this industry and lead me eventually to becoming an editor.
And, yea sure this job is only part time.
But, I got a second job at a cute little cafe in Portland that serves coffee and pies.
This little city has stolen my heart.  I absolutely love it here.
There are so many things to do up here, and I am having the most wonderful time exploring.

My hopes for this blog are to create meaningful posts regularly.
I am going to post about the places I go, things I do, things I create, pictures, and really hone my writing.
Please say hello!